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Food and Drink

Eating and Drinking on Aeroe

There are many restaurants and cafés all over the island. Groceries, baked goods and other foodstuffs can be bought in all 3 of the major towns. Below you will find the businesses that have chosen to sponsor the festival. We encourage participants to prioritize these businesses. See “about us” for a short explanation regarding festival sponsorships.


When you pack for the festival, try to find space for water bottles or a thermos and maybe a lunchbox to make your days easy and convenient. There are many places to buy food and drink on the island, but they are not always as close as smaller children may require, so it is great to have a small store in your bag.

You can drink the island’s tap water.

There are free public barbeques placed along the marinas close to playgrounds. All that is required is your own charcoal and a clean-up after use.  It is also acceptable to eat packed lunches in all public areas.


There are supermarkets and bakeries in Søby, Marstal and Ærøskøbing as well as a small shop in Tranderup. In Ærøskøbing you will also find a health food store.

Cafés and restaurants

You will find everything from fine dining to fast food on the island, and if the weather is fine, most of it will be enjoyed outdoors. There are places to eat in all 3 towns, but also along the length of the island.