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LGBTQ+ Rainbow Family Festival 2018: Activities


You will find the 2018 program still in place from last year as we have not confirmed many of the dates for activities this year. However the reason for the delay in getting tickets on sale has been because we have been in contact with may of the activites to check if they are again willing to host the festival. As this is the case we will be updating and publishing the 2019 program as dates times and activites fall into place. 

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Fun for your whole LGBTQ+ family

Aeroe Rainbow Family Festival is a week of fun and relaxation for the whole LGBTQ+ family: A get-away where we slow down and relax and fill up on pride and hope for the year to come.

With a focus as much on doing as on being entertained, it can be compared to a summer camp for the whole rainbow family. Grown-ups as well as kids will be reminded that it’s OK to try activities just for fun: to kick a ball, fly a kite or go for a hike. Or try learning to knit, a new computer game or a sup board. 


Activities – having fun opens doors to new friends

Aeroe Rainbow Family Festival activities will facilitate meeting other LGBTQ+ families with similar interests and breaking the ice through play and having fun. They will be a means for children as well as adults to meet no matter whether they all master a common language. Activities for smaller children and to some extent older ones, too, will not rely on language.

The festival will include a number of activities each day that are suitable for different age groups of children and their grown-ups. These activities will allow LGBTQ+ families or their members to meet each other and have fun. Cooperating with the local community and taking advantage of the many possibilities Aeroe’s rich nature provides, LGBTQ+ families will be invited to learn and try new things or revisit childhood favorites.

In daily life, some members of the LGBTQ+ community experience discrimination due to their interests not following gender norms; at the Aeroe Rainbow Family Festival the norm will only be to follow one’s interests and those of one’s children. With respect for and celebration of the diversity our LGBTQ+ community embodies, we will create a space where our children can experience what it is to be oneself in a tolerant and supporting environment.

Festival activities will include outdoor activities, handcrafts, sports, games, tours of the island, museum visits and parties. 


Rainbow Family Festival Cultural program

Gathering LGBTQ+ families together is an opportunity to highlight and celebrate our lives. Cultural events will do just that. Some events will be for the whole family, while others will be more relevant for adults and older teens with stronger English Language skills.

The cultural program will attempt to entertain and challenge participants as well as enlighten. We aim to reflect as much diversity within the LGBTQ+ community as possible, both in terms of subject matter and range of voices.


Hygge-spots, a place to relax and enjoy the present

Holidaying with children means following their tempo. That’s why the program will leave room to do your own thing, or just slow down and ‘hygge’.

Hygge-spots, locations where children can play and grown-ups can relax. At Hygge-spots families can hang out and children can play, while the grown-ups may choose to join the play, chat with new friends or just relax with a cup of coffee and a book.

Hygge-spots will be spaces where children, as well as adults, will be able to meet-up with new friends or regroup if the family has split up for the day’s activities. Note: hygge-spots are not places where smaller children can be watched. There will be no child-minding organized by the festival.