Why is the Rainbow Family Festival on the island of Aeroe

Aeroe has a great many advantages for family tourism. The island is little enough for it to be easy to get around by car or the free public busses, and large enough to offer a broad range of outdoor and indoor child-friendly activities. The island’s natural qualities are exceptional, with beautiful landscapes, child friendly beaches, quiet bays for water sports and hiking trails with no dangerous wild animals.

Islanders are very active in associations, providing a great many activities for the island’s children and families, many of which take advantage of the quiet, down to earth way of life on the island.

Culturally the island has a great deal to offer, with a grand maritime history that still leaves its mark on the town of Marstal and the minds of the islanders. After generations of looking abroad for their livelihoods, whether through shipbuilding, educating sailors or actually sailing, islanders rest on a globalised past and can boast a diverse population of partners brought home after travel abroad. Whether this is the main reason, or one of many, Aeroe islanders are in general very accepting of diversity.

The town of Ærøskøbing, Denmarks most well-preserved 18th century town dates back to the early middle ages. This fairytale town is small and cobbled and will play a central role in housing Aeroe Rainbow Family Festival events. The quaint streets with their historical buildings and long history house a thriving community of modern souls aware of the importance of tolerance and inclusion. In this community it is not important how you identify, but what you do. Acknowledging each other and treating people with respect is the norm.

The western end of the island, with the town of Søby boasts divine nature. With a welcoming harbor the town receives many sailing visitors. Local businesses take advantage of the diversity found in the natural environment through perma-culture, the edible camp ground, cream and soap production and much more.

As many of the islanders’ main source of income is derived from tourism, the island has an infrastructure that can support the practical needs of a festival for LGBTQ+ families, while being little enough for us to be able to reach out and meet one another.


How to get to the island of Aeroe

You have to sail or fly to get to Aeroe. Driving, biking or on foot, one can take a ferry from Fynshav on Als, close to the Danish/German border or from Fåborg or Svendborg on Funen. Public transport from Copenhagen airport or Billund airport requires changing trains in Odense and continuing by train to the Svendborg ferry. Sailing to the island or flying by personal plane to the local airfield is also a possibility.

Information will follow regarding direct transport from Copenhagen.


Where should LGBTQ+ families stay?

It will be possible to find accommodations all across the island in various price ranges and with differing characteristics. There is no festival campsite. The island can boast everything from camping sites to 3 star hotels. You may wish to stay at a hostel while other parents or grandparents sleep at a bed-and-breakfast. You may choose to drive to the island with a camper, or sail and live on your boat.

The Island of Aeroe can cater to a wide range of budgets and can provide overnight combinations that should be able to satisfy great differences among family members. If desired you can even live at a different end of the island than your co-parents do, allowing older children to take the bus by themselves between parents and activities.

More information on accommodation will follow.

Public busses on Aeroe are free.


For more information on the island of Aeroe see www.visitaeroe.com