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Please write to us at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! if you have any questions that are not included below, and we will be able to share your questions with other families.


Why is it the 2018 program that is featured on the site?

You will find the 2018 program still in place from last year as we have not confirmed many of the dates for activities this year. However the reason for the delay in getting tickets on sale has been because we have been in contact with may of the activites to check if they are again willing to host the festival. As this is the case we will be updating and publishing the 2019 program as dates times and activites fall into place. 

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Is it possible to apply for reduced ticket prices?

Unfortunately, no. We hope that in the years to come that this will be a possibility, but as of yet it is not.


Are festival activities wheelchair-accessible?

Aeroe is not a very wheelchair-friendly place, as many of the old buildings are not able to be altered to accommodate wheelchairs. However, new buildings do have wheelchair access.

The streets of Ærøskøbing are primarily paved with cobblestone, which makes it difficult to roll on. It is easiest with an electric chair.

We strive to make sure that wheelchair users will be able to participate in festival activities, as long as it is not the physical space that sets limits.

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Where should we stay if we want to be close to other families?

We encourage families to find accommodations that suit them, and will post sponsoring accommodations on the website whenever possible. The festival does not ask families where they intend to stay, so we do not know precisely where the families who have bought tickets will be.


Are most of the activities in a certain town or village?

Activities are spread across the island. The opening is in Søby, farthest west. Monday and Tuesday are centered on Ærøskøbing on the northern coast. Wednesday is across the middle of the island from Søby. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are mostly in Marstal on the Eastern end of the island, (although Friday evening there will be a disco for grownups in Ærøskøbing).

The most important point when booking is to make sure that your accommodations are a reasonable distance from a bus stop for your family. The island is small. Busses are free. The bus route takes 50 minutes from one end of the island to the other. However, busses only leave once each hour. Activities are planned so that bus transport is possible.

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Is there anything on offer for small children under three years of age?

  • The opening party will cater to children of all ages - though older teens may well find it childish.
  • There will be playground meet-ups 3 times during the week, and if families would like to coordinate where to play on other days we will be happy to post it on FB during the festival.
  • We will have a sunset meet-up on the beach on Tuesday the 21st from 18:30 at a very child-friendly beach where play at the water’s edge and wading are a hit (like the festival’s “home” picture).
  • On one of the days during the festival we are hoping (yet to be confirmed) to have fun with tumbling with a grownup, exercises that are fun for babies and small children and develop motor skills. 


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Is there babysitting of any kind? Or will parents always have to look after their toddlers?

There is no babysitting arranged during the festival. This is due to liabilities and organizational costs. We strive to make most spaces baby/toddler-friendly so they can join in. It is a good idea to bring a pram or a stroller, and if your child takes naps, it is safe to let them sleep outdoors while you are close by (a “hyggelig” tradition in all of Denmark).

Rather than being a deterrent, we hope families will see the lack of childcare as a good excuse to bring a grandparent, sibling or good friend along!

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Are the dates for the festival the same as Copenhagen pride week?

No. Aeroe Rainbow Family Festival follows Copenhagen pride. The pride week ends on Saturday the 18th with the traditional parade. Festival busses leave Copenhagen the following morning, Sunday the 19th, in time to get to Aeroe for the opening party which takes place from 15:00-18:00 followed by supper.

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Can we participate if we are not an LGBTQ+ family?

The festival is primarily for rainbow families but also for anyone wanting to celebrate and support alternative families and their wonderful diversity. Everyone with a positive mindeset towards diversity is welcome.


Can we particpate if we do not have children?

Our LGBTQ+ families may or may not include children; some of us have chosen our loved ones from our peers others live alone. With the many activities for teenagers, for adults and for all ages, family groups of peers will find plenty of things to do and plenty of space to celebrate their family.

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Is there a drugstore on the island?

There is only one drugstore on Aeroe, in the town of Marstal: Kirkestræde 23, 5960 Marstal, tlf. 62 53 10 68,

Opening hours:  Sunday 10-13; Monday-Friday 8-19; Saturday 8-13 and 16-18.

Medicine can be delivered for pick-up in Søby, at Daglig Brugsen or in Ærøskøbing, at Creutz Hjørne.  For this, call the drugstore, order what you need and remember to ask when it will be delivered in the town of your choice.