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Blacksmith course - 2 evenings


Blacksmith course - 2 evenings
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smed, ærø, oplevelser, voksne, beslagThe Blacksmith at The Old Shipyard invites you to try your hand at the forge. 

Are you a beginner or have you got experience working with metal and a forge? - In either case, join the course and make something by hand!

Grab your teenager (or a friend) and give them the chance to make something the old fashioned way. It takes time and concentration, energy and insistence. I fantastic view into an old fashioned craft its methods and tools.See the forge here: Blacksmith Forge

The course will include:

  • Intro to blacksmithing and forge work
  • Blacksmith beginner curriculum - learn some basic techniques and get a feel for what kind of project you will make during the course
  • Individual assignments
  • Finishing and evaluation of your metalwork so it’s ready to take home


The master blacksmith Sven Brieske, is known in Denmark for his ability and experience, he has done blacksmith work on many famous maritime relics such as the ships Georg Stage, Frigate Jylland and the Schooner Fylla. Sven is also known from TV where he has taken part in the TV-series Bonderøven.

Max 10 persons

Children 13-18 accompanied by a participating adult

Participation costs 600DKK per person


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Location Det Gamle Værft at Ærøskøbing harbour: Ærøskøbing havn 4a, 5970 Ærøskøbing
Extra cost: 600DKK per person, for adults and children 13 and over